Our facility was honored to be chosen as the home for the Bill Crothers Secondary School Equestrian Team,” said Kathy Fremes, team coach and owner-manager of Country Hill. “It is a privilege to work with these elite athletes who have taken to the equestrian sport like a duck to water.”

No where in the province is there a public school with an equestrian team….until now!

“Country Hill was selected after I looked at a large number of facilities in York-Durham–none of which came up to its high standard of safety, professionalism and equestrian training , offered here,” said Nicole Lazier, the equestrian team staff supervisor for BCSS, who together with Fremes launched the team in September. The numbers keep growing as does the popularity of the program. Students remarked: “great horses,” “I’m really learning so much each lesson,” and one parent told the coach “It’s all my daughter talks about!”

Not to mention, the afternoon school snack is a hit: homemade oatmeal cookies, baked by the assistant coach Lydia Grimes are in the words of the students “awesome.”

A school bus brings over 20 riders to the farm every other week.

“This program has exceeded my expectations!,” said Ms Lazier, “We so excited!”