Of bringing horses together with humans…

For three decades people have been falling in love at Country Hill Farm—with horses and each other. “We are now welcoming our second generation of riders to the farm,–my original student’s children!” says owner and certified competition coach Kathy Fremes. “It’s wonderful to watch how the farm has matured from offering home bred sport horses, to both English and now, Western lessons, and also pony driving classes.

“Then we branched out into fork to farm and served up culinary classes and catering under the banner of Country Hill Cooks! People loved the food and the horses so much they wanted more. That lead to the creation of our popular Rider Retreat packages offering shuttle service from Stouffville station to farm for the city dwellers looking for a restful stay vacation. These custom-designed rider retreats include, horse back instruction and trail riding, yoga on horseback and cooking classes–in any combination–for one or more days. Overnight accommodation is offered in the gorgeous farmhouse, featured in the UC Home Tour and also formerly in its Garden Tour.”

Finally, as a distinguished horse farm in Ontario (winning two environmental awards), environmentalist Kathy Fremes has joined the team of horse professionals in 2010 at the University of Guelph to offer her expertise as a head instructor of Management of the Equine Environment. This knowledge on making healthier farms for horses she freely shares with all who visit Country Hill and over 100 did just that on the 2018 Horse Day.

“Let’s raise a glass of the cleanest water in the GTA that comes straight from our well and drink a toast to the past, present and future of Country Hill Farm!”