Kathy Fremes, owner and coach at Country Hill Farm was selected by the Ontario Equestrian Federation for her submission on why she chose to become a certified coach to attend the NCCP’s 2nd Annual Coach Development Camp at the Olympia Sports Camp. Kathy was the only equestrian coach among the 140 soccer, baseball, football, hockey, and other sport coaches from all over Ontario present over the June 12-14 weekend.


Kathy claimed that the days were long and it was a lot of work but she learned a lot. She is very excited to take what she has learned and apply it to her already successful methods to make her an even better coach. She is so grateful and extremely honoured that she was chosen to represent the sport she loves so much.


Kathy would like to extend her gratitude to the OEF for their generosity and support in running contests like this one and encouraging more coaches to go through the certification process.


You can read Kathy’s winning entry below!



Why I decided to become a certified coach?

Over 25 years ago I bought a run down 30-acre horse farm in Goodwood, Ont. and began renovating it and its badly eroded land. When it was habitable, I moved my Arab cross — Earl Grey — a fabulously talented all rounder to the property and started training seriously. Soon, my boarders were asking me for lessons and ‘Earl thePearl’ was the consummate school horse. Although I was flattered, I knew that my Pony Club training was woefully out of date and if I was going to provide a meaningful experience I would have to certify as a coach through the then Canadian Equestrian Federation. Earl was the perfect horse to help me achieve this goal. I was aware as a property owner of the liability and legal obligations that coaching students brought to me, but little did I know where this path would lead.

Attaining my coaching credentials not only expanded my knowledge and honed my skills as a rider and coach, it introduced me to a wonderful world of talented and inspirational horse people who expanded my horizons. As a farm owner, my love of horses extends to their environment. As the recent recipient of my second environmental award from “Just Add Horses” at the Can Am in 2015, I have spread my experience to over 300 students through teaching the Management of the Equine Environment course at the University of Guelph for four years. I am also establishing a new award for young environmentalists interested in creating a better environment for horses.

Certification to become a coach has had a ripple effect in my life that has been amazing. I continue to upgrade my skills and am now the proud coach for the Bill Crothers Secondary School Equestrian team — the only public school to have such a program — and together with the Ontario Equestrian Federation we are creating a high school credit for equestrians.