30 years and 3 Unique Experiences


“My job as the owner of an equestrian centre and the instructor of University of Guelph horse course is to read the tea leaves” says Kathy Fremes. “I’m not sure what the role of horses will be 50 years from now but in the three decades of running my farm I’ve seen a lot of change.” 

In honor of our 30th anniversary I’m am launching three experiential offerings to patrons who ride horses here, come for rider retreats or attend any of the Country Hill Cooks classes. “Even if you aren’t a regular, one of these ideas may tempt to come and discover the countryside, near Toronto. It is an easy under an hour drive and you’re a world away.”

“First we offer a look at the past to predict the future, and I am proud to offer an archeological dig opportunity for those who love a mystery.”

1.  Release Your Inner Indiana Jones


“I don’t know what it is except that appears to be a foundation for a shelter and has been there a long time, longer than I’ve owned this property and probably longer than the Miller’s did who were the first homesteader,” says Kathy Fremes about a stone wall, featuring two entrances to a 25-foot by 15-foot plateau of a dwelling, complete with steps. 

Archeology digs in Stouffville have revealed 9,000-year-old artifacts (stone arrowheads) that once belonged to nomadic hunters who camped out for short periods to bag their game before moving on.  “I think that this site may have fit in with the ancient history of this area,” says Fremes, “Even today, it is clear that the structure is built into the side of hill, like a hunter’s blind,  that overlooks an area west of it where deer graze after watering in the nearby creek.”  It is yours to discover and all the archeological tools you will need are provided. Access to the site is by foot or horse and is short trek from the farmhouse.  Come and explore for yourself this pristine site. Discover the mystery of this early stone structure.


2.  Unplug and Unwind in Log Cabin on ‘Walden’ Pond


You don’t have to go to Massachusetts to experience the serenity that Thoreau did on Walden but there is a regeneration that is only felt when one strips down to the essentials.  There is an acre-spring-fed pond on my property that gives its occupant the same transcendental experience one comes from being alone with ones’ thoughts.  The secluded cabin houses a comfortable cot with soft linens, indoor and outdoor lunge chair, ideal for reading, and a simple solar light.  Delicious meals can be served in the farmhouse and are full of fresh garden ingredients. 

“It’s a simple, cabin that is fronts on my pond that you can swim in or catch fish, but the main attraction for most is to read, reflect, paint, photograph and write,” says Kathy.  You are close enough to use all the modern amenities if you wish.  But access to the cabin is by foot through a hidden garden path or by the waterfront.  “Oh, yes, there is a canoe that you can access so BYOPFD (bring your own personal flotation device😊


3. What can a Horse Tell You About You


Dale Carnegie move over!  The new and best instructor on how to win friends and influence people is the horse.  Through Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) you can develop a greater awareness of yourself and others, and skills to successfully handle challenging situations, and direct people to a common goal.  Corporate executives are fine honing their leadership skills and discovering their inner strengths and weakness by interacting with horses, and they don’t even put a foot in the stirrup.  These retreats have become very popular. 

“I am excited about EAL for individuals at Country Hill Farm,” says Fremes.  “The future of horses depends on redefining their traditional roles as transporters.  From their current roles in recreation, sport and racing, to their emerging roles to intuitively instruct and reflect our emotions. Horses offer an immediate feedback of our emotions, energy and influences. Horses don’t lie,” says Kathy.  “You can’t move a 1200-pound animal unless it trusts you and agrees to accept you as their leader.” 

“But you don’t have to come with your work mates to take advantage of our EAL courses,” says Kathy. “We are one of the very few facilities that will conduct these classes one-one-one and you’d be surprised what horses can tell you about your management and interpersonal style! Be a better partner, parent, or employer by stepping into our stable!”