What is your history and the future of your stable?

With so many equestrian centres in the GTA going under or being sold for housing developments, this is a question we hear often.  It is especially true now with the currently crisis in the racing industry and the hay shortage caused by the 2012 draught . Although it’s impossible to say that any venture is 100 percent secure in these financial times, this privately-owned stable has operated for over 25 years and has managed to maintain a high level of service and care throughout that time.

What is board?

Our board ranges from $630 monthly, including HST, to $800 for larger box stalls, including the  20 ft by 10 ft foaling stall.  Outdoor board is available and includes large run-in sheds,  24/7 access to hay/pasture and water (heated in the winter), plus full use of the facilities.

Contact kathy.fremes[at]countryhillfarm.ca. All rates quoted include HST.

Is quarantine board available?

Yes, Country Hill Farm now offers quarantine services.  Please inquire for pricing.

Are there extra charges for extra services?

Our extra charges include private turnout, booting and blanketing, and exercising or training of a boarder’s horse.
For other services that may not be included in the board contact kathy.fremes[at]countryhillfarm.ca.

Are your premises staffed 24 hours?

The owner and her stable manager live on property — one of us is there is on the property at all times. In addition we have one full time administrator and horse handler and part time stable help on the weekends.

What do you feed?

We are fortunate to grow our own hay and use no chemical fertilizers.  We also have grass paddocks in the fair weather, and large square bales in specially designed basket feeders that are used outdoors when grass is not available.  This system is superior to round bales for two reasons: large square bales do not have the mould and dust that many round bales contain; and secondly, the large basket feeders aerate the hay and it is dust free.

There are three types of concentrates to choose from:

  • a 12 percent complete feed pellet, “Challenger”,
  • a 16 percent complete feed pellet, “Krunch”,
  • and beet pulp.

We will feed owners’ supplements or medications at no charge.  Should your horse require a special diet/grain that we do not offer, it will be at the horse owner’s expense. An additional charge may be applied if CHF has to pick up the product from the feed store.

What is your policy with a sick horse?

With a sick horse that requires medical attention, we first put a call in to the owner.  If it is our opinion that professional help is urgently needed, we will immediately put a call in to a vet of the owner’s choice.

Who is your blacksmith?

Bob Hancott and Dave Dawson are at Country Hill regularly. If you prefer to use your own blacksmith, that person is welcome as long as he/she has insurance and is a licensed farrier.

Who is your vet?

Dr. Ashley Farberman, Dr. John Dallimore and Dr. Maggie Turner.  However, if you have a vet whom you prefer using and that person is easily accessible in an emergency, then we will use a vet of your choice.

Do you allow outside coaches?

No.  The owner of Country Hill is a certified coach and so is the barn manager. Both offer private lessons to both boarders and students and we also have an Equine Canada instructor candidate who works under our direction.

How much are lessons?

There are a variety of pricing options found on our Schedule Lessons page.
Contact kathy.fremes[at]countryhillfarm.ca for more information.