I have often been asked about the differences between English and Western riding. Truth is, when it comes to the basics there really isn’t much that changes other than the obvious tack for horses and clothing for rider.

I find this is why many people who start or come back to riding later in life choose Western. People like the security that comes with a bigger more substantial saddle, and it helps that it has a built in handle as well!

Others simply want to enjoy the peace and serenity that comes with riding and have no desire to compete. They typically find the western saddles more comfortable for arena work and then heading out on the trails.

That’s not to say you can’t compete in Western riding. Pleasure classes are very similar to English flat classes and judges look for many of the same things. There are also competitive trail classes that pit you against a number of obstacles that mimic those you would find out in the woods. And then the real fun begins; Speed Events! From Pole bending to barrel racing, key hole, and many others, there is something for everyone.


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