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Country Hill is a full-facility equestrian centre, yet quiet and relaxed. Attention is individual. Students are allowed to proceed at their own pace. And horses used are privately-owned and school masters, cooperative and ideal for learning to ride properly.

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The teaching program at Country Hill Farm is led by Kathy Fremes, a certified competition and licensed coach, who was selected Coach of the Year. This award is presented annually to coaches with a passion for improving the equestrian sport. There are over 2,000 coaches in Ontario and only one is chosen annually by the Ontario Equestrian (OE) members.

At the presentation at this year’s Royal Winter Fair the following described Kathy’s achievements: “Tonight’s recipient has been a certified coach since 1995. Her commitment, professionalism and dedication to the sport is contagious. She has devoted her life to equestrian athlete development, continuing education, and community service....She has been involved in the equestrian industry for over 45 year and wears many hats as a competitor, sport horse breeder, trainer, instructor for the University of Guelph—Equine program, and a National Coaching of Canada Program Coach Developer.

“Kathy mentors instructor and coach candidates to certification, and promotes the equestrian Canada Rookie Riders and Learn to Ride/Drive Programs; introducing youth to the sport.

“We thank you, Kathy, for raising the standard of coaching across Ontario and thank the OE  (Ontario Equestrian) membership for nominating their coaches for this award.”

From the group of students who nominated Kathy for this honor, the following was their closing statement of their motive for doing so:

“In nominating Kathy for this award, how does one summarize a person who has dedicated their life to a sport, the development of athletes, continuing education, community service, and meaningful stewardship of the land and animals?

“You can’t.

“You’re just so grateful and proud they are in your life. Their mentoring, teaching, integrity, objectivity, professionalism, support, and values help you become your best self, athlete, teammate, friend, mentor, and community member.”

What Students Have to Say...

Students not only learn a sport, but build character, confidence, connection, and sense of accomplishment. The skills and values developed are transferable to all areas of our personal, sport and work life.

She has the appropriate qualifications, education, and experience to recognize that everyone has different learning styles, development stages and goals. She adjusts her coaching methods and lesson plans accordingly, to ensure each athlete feels comfortable, motivated, and confident. 

Kathy not only identifies talent but recognizes potential. She understands that grit and hustle are the result of good habits, built up over time. 

Training programs are thoughtfully developed, varied, tracked, adapted, and customized, to ensure positive, appropriate, and achievable goals for each athlete.

Kathy's students trust and respect her expertise to plan a lesson/ program that reflects our capabilities, provides appropriate instruction to build skills, and provides constructive feedback, helping us to develop our full potential. Each coachable moment is an opportunity to listen, ask questions, and learn.

Kathy identifies, communicates, and manages potential risks to prevent injury to horse and human. Weather, equipment, facilities, athlete traits and other variables are all considered, to promote safe choices.

Each lesson not only builds on athletic development but also develops time management, communication, focus and discipline skills.

We have been taught to respect and adapt if our equine teammate is having an off moment. We are taught to ride the horse we have on that day and to always keep it positive! 

When we think we can't possibility do another five minutes of no stirrup work, Kathy motivates us; we find our inner strength and discover a whole new level of confidence and accomplishment.

Free play is thoughtfully incorporated into our programs to encourage creativity and problem-solving, with a whole lot of fun. 

For every rider level achieved, it reinforces our goals and hard work. Our skills development and commitment lead to a sense of personal accomplishment.

Each competition teaches us how to handle pressure, support teammates, win with class and humility and handle disappointment with grace.

We learn to care for others with compassion and kindness, whether it's providing treatment to our own horse, or giving our water bottle to a teammate persevering in the heat.

Kathy facilitates leadership, teamwork, and community in organizing events, volunteer opportunities, clinics, random acts of kindness and social gatherings. We learn that the journey, in good times and bad, is more rewarding than the end goal. Kindness, fair play, hard work, teamwork, and lending a helping hand are always the right decision. 

Meet Kathy Fremes

As the owner of Country Hill Farm, Kathy leads by personal example with strong values and ethics. She consistently models respect, inclusion, diversity, integrity, honesty, tolerance, compassion, trust, respect of personal space and boundaries, good sportsmanship, fair play, safe sport, and excellence.

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