The most important thing that Kathy's coaching has brought me is the empowering knowledge that riding is a life long sport. Like many riders before me, I stepped away from the sport for over 20 years. 
Over the past three years I've been pleasantly surprised to become a stronger, more technical and more confident rider than my teenage self. She taught me dressage basics and how to leverage them to improve my jumping. She expanded my riding horizons by introducing me to cross country. She 'leant me' her favuourite school horse several times a week for years, then agreed to sell him to me because she thought that being lovingly ridden to his potential by one rider would be 'better for him'. 

Kathy is an extraordinary horsewoman and riding coach. I returned to riding after a break for university and she understood my skill level (I had previously ridden to intermediate) and she ensured I was on a horse that would challenge me but help re-build my confidence. She pushes you gently towards improvement, always making sure you feel secure and safe in the exercise. She has a uniqe skill of pairing horse and rider for a partnership that will last a lifetime. 

She's been a great supporter of my return to eventing competitions, always helping us to be completely for competition with the right training and guidance before we ever get to a show.

Kathy is generous with her time, carefully answering questions and considering alternative approaches when providing options to her students. She listens to the needs of her students in planning lessons to both challenge and support developing skill sets; always focused on safety and a positive mindset.


Kathy was my coach when I returned to riding as a middle-aged adult. After many years out of the saddle I had lost a lot of confidence. I felt so safe riding under the instructions that I was back to jumping and hacking in no time!

I really admire how she runs her facility, and I knew Country Hill Farm was where I wanted my first horse to live. I can't think of anyone I trust more to care for my own horse than Kathy! 

She is that rare blend of coach, mentor, and friend, and I am so grateful to her dedication in supporting riders and their horses, in sport and on the farm. 

Kathy requires that her students pay close attention to how they are communicating with their equine partner and ensures that they are fostering respectful relationships. Kathy has offered my daughter more than riding lessons, she has given her the opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills, building on the confidence that she will carry with her in the years to come. 

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